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​Hvis De har spørgsmål angående turisme i Israel eller ønsker modtage information om Israel, er De velkommen til at kontakte os på den Israelske Stats Turistbureau!​

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Den Israelske Stats Turistbureau
Box 5367
SE-102 49 Stockholm
Tel: +45-33-119711
Fax: +46-8-217814

Generel information: info@igto.se
Marketing Manager: marketing@igto.se
PR Manager: pr@igto.se


 Sites & Attractions

Antiquities museum containing a rich collection of archaeological findings from excavat...
Beach offers special, calm atmosphere and a dolphin pod that lives there. There are no ...
Two public parks along Jerusalem Boulevard: The Cactus Garden includes 600 species of c...
An archaeological museum with items dating from the Neolithic period and up to the earl...
A sign-posted promenade descending from Dung Gate along the Ofel excavation sites, reac...
Synagogue built as a model of the synagogue that was located in Cochin in south-west In...


Simple, dome-roofed rooms. The site overlooks the Ayalon Valley, Latrun Monastery and c...
​Originality and simplicity were the impetus for the concept of SHIZEN the lifestyle sp...

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